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Sustainability Materials Management

Sustainability material management (SMM) is the systematic approach to using and reusing materials over their entire life cycle. The goal is to improve the resilience of the materials themselves and their overall environmental impact, by reducing waste and optimizing production.

  • (SMM) is a process for building a sustainable supply chain that integrates product and materials resource management. It cuts back on waste and pollution, using available resources efficiently, while also protecting ecosystem services such as recreation, energy production, and food production.
  • Sustainable materials management (SMM) focuses on the need to use and reuse materials over their entire life cycles, wherever possible. It sets out an approach for all stakeholders to manage their resources sustainably and at the same time use them efficiently. It is based on internationally recognised principles of integrated resource management and waste minimisation.
  • The purpose of this course is to introduce students to sustainable materials management (SMM) principles. The course presents an overview of the basics of SMM, as well as applications and industry-specific products.
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